Mark Wilhelm '72 & Tim Fogerty

Mark Wilhelm '72 & Tim Fogerty

Message from the Co-Chairs

St. Louis University High School is a short three years from its 200th anniversary, and with the coming of that milestone we will begin the third century of this beloved institution. Few schools can celebrate two centuries of educational leadership and even less enter the third with an expectation of eclipsing past achievements.

With Imagining 18 – Strategic Thinking, we are embarking on a year-long creative effort to articulate our shared goals for 2018 and beyond. We are gathering bright, bold thinking, dedicated alumni, parents, friends and national experts to join our faculty and Board in a series of visioning exercises. The wisdom and imaginative input of our community will seek to challenge us to reach beyond the status quo and to become visionary, helping us to lead SLUH ever upward in educational excellence.

Shaping lives of young men until about age 18 is at the core of the school’s mission.  As we are “imagining 18,” we will ask many questions in specific focus areas. For instance, what will be the elements that set the standard for Jesuit secondary education in the U.S. for the next 25 years? How should one of the country’s best secondary schools address the educational needs of our society in this technologically-evolving and globally-connected world? If we gathered great minds and some of our talented alumni, what would they ask of SLUH as it anticipates the first years of its third century?

We encourage you to peruse this special section of the Web site to learn more about Imagining 18 – Strategic Thinking, as well as to offer your own input and suggestions. Thank you for your support of our mission throughout this unique and exciting endeavor.