21st Century Curriculum

Today’s scholars need critical thinking skills and a competency-based approach to learning that integrates the use of supportive technologies, inquiry- and problem-based methods, and 21st century interdisciplinary themes.

Co-chairs: Joseph Schulte ’86 and Daniel See


Campus Facilities/ Sustainability

A thoughtful, long-range approach to sustainable growth and infrastructure improvements are key to enhancing the quality of life and learning experience for students in a manner that furthers the mission of the School.

Co-chairs: Jim Linhares and John Wilson ’64


Campus Ministry/ Jesuit Identity

Jesuit education fosters the intellectual, moral and spiritual growth of SLUH scholars while emphasizing social justice and the value of becoming “men for others.”

Co-chairs: Nick Ehlman ’99 and John Wunderlich ’66


Counseling Services

In addition to academic prowess, students need the social, personal and emotional support from a professional counseling program that not only helps them develop into well-rounded individuals, but also provides the guidance needed to elevate their sites and achieve their full potential at the university level.

Co-chairs: David Mouldon and Joseph Wagner ’85


Financial Modeling/ Faculty Compensation

SLUH is committed to analyzing and implementing financial modeling that puts it in the best position to recruit and retain the most qualified educators.

Co-chairs: Thomas Danis ’65 and John Moran


Global Education

A globally conscious education, which is needed to succeed in a world distinguished by interdependence, diversity and rapid change, properly equips SLUH scholars with the knowledge and understanding of culture, language, geography and global perspectives.

Co-chairs: Michael McDonough ’92 and Tom Zinselmeyer ’99